Okay I realize I have about a dozen other shows I need to write reviews on prior to Sherlock but those can wait. My veins are buzzing because I need to do something and I mustered just enough self control to stop myself from watching the next episode of Sherlock so here I am, stranded after watching the greatest episode of television I’ve ever seen. 

I am SHER-locked (haha you’ll totally get that reference if you’ve watched the first episode of the second season of Sherlock by which is the greatest episode ever).  The whole series is just a work of genius.  It has the right amount of humour and originality to occupy 100% of my brain while I’m watching it. This is pretty rare since my attention span is equivalent to that of a fussy toddler. 

I fell in love with this show with the first episode somewhere between Benedict Cumberbatch’s super fast splurges of deduction and Watson trying to keep up with his estranged and eccentric friend. Can I also mention how cute Holmes and Watson are? Not like gay couple cute, but the once-in-a-lifetime-friendship type of cute. Props to great acting by the two as well. 

coming back to this post after watching all of the episodes S2E1 is still my fav!  Now onto resuming with my mundane and meaningless life until season 4 airs. 

Mr. Darcy: “I love you…most ardently.”

Elizabeth: “From the first moment I met you; your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world that I could ever be prevailed upon to marry”

Mr. Darcy: “Forgive me, madam. For taking up so much of your time”

This has got to be my favourite scene ever. I absolutely love how it was filmed in the pouring rain and the look Darcy gives Lizzie at the end ahhhh

Anonymous asked:

hey this is so cool, wait does this have to be a question because the heading says ask?? okay so i guess my question is when are you planning on starting gossip girl and how far are you on the vampire diaries. I think you should do a review of TVD's 100th episode because it's supposed to be a big event. Btw this is Lilia and not just some creeper

yayy thanks lily!! and I JUST finished the 10th episode of season 5 of TVD woo. I think I’m almost caught up. Damon just broke up with Elena, well he “let her go”…anyway yah i’ll try to get all caught up and to a review of that!!! should be fun. Plus I was thinking of doing a character review on Damon just because he’s my fav <3 

also I don’t know when i’m going to start GG…maybe reading week?

Review: The Rosie Project

Simplified plot: Don is on the Wife Project to find himself the perfect partner. He hasn’t gone past a first date nonetheless met a single woman qualified to be his wife according to his questionnaire. Then along comes Rosie, a wild card. She’s attractive, sociable, and definitely not what Don is looking for.  However, she is on the search for her biological father and along the way she crosses paths with Don. He holds off the Wife Project and occupies himself breaking a bunch of rules along the way to help Rosie with the Father Project. 

Review: Right off the bat I knew Don Tillman was an older, more introverted, male version of myself. I love how relatable this book was. Just the other day i tweeted that I wanted a boyfriend that doesn’t talk too much, has a nice voice, reads books, is over 180cm tall, and wears chambray shirts. But really, I don’t know a single boy my age who is like that! In my head these standards seem like perfectly plausible but when tested against reality they prove faulty, big time. 

Don’s lack of social skills make for a good laugh, as well as his need to label every significant incident in his life. His character is sincere but somewhat inflexible and it was fun to see Rosie bending him in every way possible throughout the novel. I feel like this book would make for a cute movie. It doesn’t go through tons of drama to prove a point and Don’s growing attraction towards Rosie is slow and predictable but natural nonetheless.

The more Don got to know Rosie the deeper we delve into his character and how everything she did and stood for went against his logical thought process and it was amusing to see him struggle with his own conscience.  

This book addresses the very core of companionship in a heartwarming way that wasn’t too far from the ordinary lives of normal humans. Definitely would recommend for anyone in need of a light read!


Also I’m not actually done this book yet…but I think the ending will be as great as the beginning! Currently in bed with veggie stixs drinking chocolate soy milk and reading this book hehee